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So, guys, I’m free from school now, and instead of playing Sims all the time, I’m going to the Efteling (theme park) for 3 weeks. This means that I won’t be on Tumblr a lot, and that there won’t be any new posts either. I know that most of you won’t miss me on their dash, but I don’t care.

Just… take care of yourself, enjoy the summer/winter, and I’ll be back soon!

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Reblog this if you like Supernatural. No questions, just do. It’ll make sense later.




how could one not reblog this?

I hope this is as fruitful as the Harry Potter one.

I don’t like supernatural I FUCKING LOVE IT but I’ll reblog anywayimage

Cute little thing tho. :3


simberiantiger just loves unicorns


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Look at this derp Helena enjoying summer! It’s fall in my game tho

Anyway, I just watched that entire Free! thing and it’s awesome. Still no demo tho

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I just love their housey - I even made it myself! Of course, there was this blueprint online….

ANYWAY. Everyone, have fun with the demo, I’ll be in a corner, crying. (‘:

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Happy birthday! Only… I forgot to save and poof error. So I’m mad.

Also, I didn’t get a demo, so if anyone’s willing to share…… <3

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